We would like to thank all of our partners for their support.

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Founding partners

Stickers-OSV-rond-Final2Outdoor Sports Valley

Outdoor Sports Valley was founded in 2009 by Annecy based outdoor companies with the support of the public administration of the Annecy agglomeration, the department and the chamber of commerce of Haute Savoy.

The objectives of the association are to: maintain and perpetuate the current economic activity in the outdoor industry by bringing new services to existing companies and start ups, build new business tools specifically for outdoor (reception, training, coaching) to improve economic performance, encourage the creation of international events, promote expertise in the industry, work in close collaboration and ensure a link with existing structures or industry associations.

Further information about the Outdoor Sports Valley can be found on the website: and Or contact Anne Schott, Tel: +33 (0)450 675 391, 

“Outdoor sports are the unique convergence of fundamental human aspirations and the incredible beauty of nature. The Outdoor industry has therefore a major responsibility both toward the well being of the population and toward the protection of our planet.  There is no better challenge and mission than this one.The Forum will offer a unique opportunity to learn and share with each other, helping us to achieve this vision of a responsible and enjoyable future. We are very excited about this second edition and would like to thank European Outdoor Group, Sport Achat, ispo, SGI-Compass, Outdoor Show and aWorkbook and all the media for their support of Europe’s primary outdoor conference. I look forward to welcoming you to Annecy and this wonderful region”

Jean-Luc Diard, president of OSV and vice president Tecnica group.

logo_EOGEuropean Outdoor Group

The European Outdoor Group is an association set up to represent the common interests of the European outdoor industry. Founded in 2003 the European Outdoor Group has 55 members, which include some of the largest brands in the world. The combined strength of the member brands, and a close cooperation with national outdoor associations, provides an extremely powerful force to represent the whole European outdoor industry in a constructive and positive manner.

Further information about the European Outdoor Group can be found on the website: or contact Vanessa Knowles, Tel: +44 1942 886402, 

«For an industry sector to remain united, it is reliant on its ability to work and co-operate collectively to the benefit of the entire sector. Communication of ideas and the sharing of information on subjects relevant to the outdoor industry is a major part of this, and the platform we are building with our partners in Annecy will provide an exciting opportunity for everyone who cares about the direction of our industry to share knowledge and to leave the event richer than when they came.»

David Udberg President EOG and CEO Lowe-Alpine UK.

Gold partners


LogoSAdoubleO  Sport Achat

Since 2002, Sportair has been gathering the whole winter sports industry together with Snow Avant Premiere (snowboard test), Ski Test Tour (ski test) Sport –Achat (trade show), and ASAP!

In a convivial, friendly, and professional atmosphere, the Snow Avant Première and Ski Test Tour welcomed more than 3000 retailers in 2012 to onsnow demos of the next seasons product, giving them the possibility to test products on snow before placing orders. And it’s not only testing, it’s a real opportunity for all the market’s players: shops, brands, and media to network with each other.

These on snow test events are followed in March by Sport-Achat which welcomes more than 330 firms and 650 ski, snow and outerwear brands through its doors. For the Sport-Achat Summer edition, the big family of mountain, outdoor and trail present a huge offering of products, clothes and accessories. Sport-Achat is an indispensable "working tool" to help retailers to create the right assortment of brands and products in their store by having a global view of the market in the same place. It’s an effective, fast and efficient tool.

ASAP was held for the third time on January 17, it’s the new rendez-vous where the winter and outdoor textile brands open their showrooms exclusively to professionals, shops and retailers, in order to present their next seasons lines .This third edition was a great success and welcomed more than 250 shops.

More info on our 2012/13 events go to

"The European outdoor forum is an unique occasion to learn, exchange and share ideas with the whole industry in a spirit of cooperation. This is a great opportunity for all the Outdoor companies.”

Mathieu Kurtz Project Manager Sportair SAS.



Polygiene_R_Stay_Fresh_CMYK_090126 Polygiene


Polygiene Clothes, footwear and gear stay fresh and last longer. Polygiene® permanent odor control treatment neutralizes odor by stopping the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi. Clothes and gear stay fresh and odor-free, and can be worn several times before laundering. Plus they last longer because excessive washing and bacteria never get the chance to break down the fibers. Polygiene is safe next to your skin and helps reduce your environmental footprint, too. Polygiene is bluesign(R) approved.

For more information, please go to:



lycra_sport_logo_glow LYCRA® SPORT fabric – On the Move

INVISTA is one of the largest integrated producers of fibres and polymers in the world. With a business presence in over 20 countries, INVISTA’s global businesses deliver exceptional value for their customers through technology innovations, market insights and a powerful portfolio of global trademarks including, for the Apparel division: LYCRA® fibre, LYCRA® SPORT fabric and CORDURA® fabric.
LYCRA® fibre pioneered the engineering of movement in textiles and revolutionized sports apparel by delivering stretch and recovery power designed to help active people move and perform at their best and the brand continues to be a differentiator to active men and women, thus creating incremental value for apparel sport brands.

Resulting from years of innovation and textile science in the world of sport, LYCRA® SPORT fabric combines stretch fibre technology and demanding fabric performance testing standards to create a range of branded performance fabrics designed specifically to support active people in their outdoor activities. Building on the high awareness and quality image associated with LYCRA® fibre in sport, LYCRA® SPORT fabrics deliver a range of stretch and recovery power designed to help consumers perform at their best in their chosen outdoor activity.

Building on this expertise, INVISTA has introduced two new performance offerings focused specifically on the fast-growing compression and shaping categories within the sports apparel segment: LYCRA® SPORT ENERGY fabric and LYCRA® SPORT BEAUTY fabric.

LYCRA® and CORDURA® are trademarks of INVISTA.

Contact: Marine Chavanis
INVISTA (International) Sarl
Le Lumion
Route Francois-Peyrot 12
CH-1218 Grand-Saconnex
Geneva - Switzerland
+41 22 770 40 49



cordura_final_black_logo CORDURA® fabric

CORDURA® fabrics are the perfect combination of durability, versatility and reliability. For more than 45 years, people who love the outdoors have relied on CORDURA® fabrics to be as rugged as they are.

Known for their resistance to abrasion, tears and scuffs, CORDURA® fabrics are a primary ingredient in many of the world’s leading high-performance gear and apparel products ranging from luggage, backpacks to footwear, tents, hunting attire and outdoor performance apparel.

The CORDURA® fabric portfolio ranges from 30 denier CORDURA® Ultralite fabric and mid weight CORDURA® Lite fabric pack cloths to performance apparel fabrics and bomber ballistic nylons.  Most recently, INVISTA launched a comprehensive CORDURA® Apparel fabric collection, which includes CORDURA® Denim, Duck, Baselayer, and Naturalle™ fabrics, all of which showcase the ‘Softer side of Durability’ and can be ideally suited for inner layer, next-to-skin garments, such as t-shirts and baselayers, and for outer layer shells—such as jackets, trousers, jeans, and everything in between.  The CORDURA® Apparel Fabric Collection offers customers a vast array of performance driven, comfortable, versatile and trend-conscious styling options.   

The CORDURA® brand business works with an authorized network of mills to provide qualified CORDURA® fabrics in each region of the world. Every genuine CORDURA® fabric is tested by INVISTA against its formal branding system.

CORDURA® fabrics help make products long-lasting, which ultimately equates to a strong value proposition. They are used where maximum durability isn’t just desired, it’s essential. This is why leading outdoor manufacturers and enthusiasts chose CORDURA® fabric and ‘Accept No Substitutes When Durability Counts.’

INVISTA’s CORDURA® brand essence celebrates individual durability: As Long AsThe World Is Full Of Durable People, We’ll Keep Making Durable Fabrics™.   

To learn more about INVISTA’s CORDURA® brand, end-use products, authorized fabric mills, and marketing tools please visit and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  

Contact: Tim Anson - INVISTA
Ermin Street
Gloucester GL3 4HP
United Kingdom

+44 (1452) 633789



new advansa logo ADVANSA

Headquartered in the Netherlands and operating mainly from  Europe, ADVANSA is a leading supplier of polyester fibre, filament and specialities. Operating a plant in Germany and having marketing and logistics operations in Europe, Asia and USA, ADVANSA is characterised by its wide range of branded and high-tech polyester fibres, and its capacity for innovation as well as the environmental sustainability of its products and industrial processes. The company's efforts and achievements, and a wide range of fibres produced by ADVANSA have been recognised by international ecological certification and awards.

As a former Dupont company, ADVANSA has the exclusive European rights to a wide range of the polyester brands and technology. The company offers a broad portfolio of polyester fibres & yarns for home textile applications, technical textiles end-uses, the nonwovens industry and the entire apparel market. ADVANSA branded fibres for the apparel market are specially designed to provide maximum comfort and performance:



Coolmax® is a high-performance fabric that helps to improve comfort and freshness of people who wear it by moving perspiration away from the body towards the exterior of the fabric, where it evaporates quickly. This ³evaporative cooling² effect helps to keep the wearers feel cool and dry.

Coolmax® fabric is made from with specifically engineered fibres.

Considering the different requirements of endusers on different levels of comfort and performance for several activities, Coolmax® offer a special classificiation system which consists of three performance levels: Coolmax® everyday, Coolmax® active and Coolmax® extreme

logo thermo cool THERMOCOOL

ADVANSA Thermo°Cool® is the ultimate high performance material for Duoregulation, which thanks to its unique combination of different engineered fibre cross-sections provides adaptive dual function:

Evaporative cooling and thermo buffering. ADVANSA Thermo°Cool® stands for the optimization of the body´s natural thermal capabilities; it helps to keep the wearer dry and thermoregulated whenever needed: hence the fabric interacts with the body by balancing temperature changes helping to conserve energy levels and improve wellness.

Entirely developed by ADVANSA, the product is also available in versions ECO with a polymer from renewable sources, FRESH, with silver ions imbedded in the polymer which provide antibacterial freshness  and a  FR version made with modacrilic  fire retardant materials without compromising its Duoregulation performance. ADVANSA Thermo°Cool® garments are the best year around performance clothing option.

ADVANSA Thermo°Cool® Performance Insulation and ADVANSA Thermo°Dry® Performance Insulation are the ultimate wadding products for insulation applications on the market.

® Coolmax is a registered trademark of Invista used under license in Europe by ADVANSA.

® ADVANSATHERMOOCOOL is a registered trademark of ADVANSA.

 Duoregulation is a trademark of ADVANSA.

Contact: Ms. Nurhan Nalbant
Frielinghauser Straße 5
59071 Hamm / Germany
Fon: +49 (0)2388 840 - 2306   Fax: +49 (0)2388 840 - 2350


cocona_logo COCONA

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Cocona is the world leader in the development, commercialization and marketing of Active Particle Technologies used in clothing, glove, footwear and sleep systems. With initial focus on the outdoor and sports markets, Cocona is rapidly expanding patented Cocona® Technology to the commercial, industrial, and hospitality markets globally and discovering new applications for the technology.

Cocona® Technology actively works with your body to stay dry from the inside by REMOVING moisture while it¹s forming, accelerating evaporation and drying products faster than any other product or system on the market today. Cocona® Technology is the first and only technology platform that accelerates the performance of each head to toe AND base to outer layer product and creates a new performance standard for products used in the most demanding environments.

World leading performance oriented companies have developed products powered by Cocona® Technology such as Adidas, Asics, Eddie Bauer, Gregory, Harley-Davidson, La Sportiva, Pearl Izumi, Scarpa, Millet, Eider, Ex-Officio, Noronna, Rab, The North Face, Woolrich, and others.

For more information, visit:

Dinner partner


Outdoor at ispo


As one of the largest segments of ISPO MUNICH, outdoor_ispo is the only European Outdoor tradeshow platform that is taking place annually during the winter season. The international business is gathering in as many as three of ISPO MUNICH’s large, modern exhibition halls with its own dedicated entrance, directly accessible by public transport or car. The exhibiting brands appreciate not only the authentic, reliable and practice-oriented atmosphere, but also the variety of special areas and competent events that help visitors connect easily with the scene and the latest trends. This includes informative services and professional workshops as well as motivating infotainment like the legendary ISPO outdoor & ski get-together, the DAV Boulder Cup, or the Outdoor Fashion Show. Other special areas bundle exhibitors with mutual roots or highlight important trends, for example the Scandinavian Village by S.O.G., the Freeride Village, or the Freeheel Village. Many of ISPO MUNICH’s lectures and seminars are held as part of the ISPO snow ice & rock summit, another very communicative element of many years. The best new products for the Outdoor market are honored with the ISPO AWARD. And with the EOCA exhibition as well as collaborations with many international organizations and publications, ISPO MUNICH is not only supporting ecology and sustainability, but committing itself to take great care of the future of the global Outdoor market.

“The Outdoor community is a very important and valuable segment for us. For the past 40 years, ISPO’s commitment to competently strengthen the entire sporting goods business has always been recognized by the industry. With the upcoming European Outdoor Forum, we are proud to now in return have the opportunity to support the industry’s commitment. ISPO is set to get involved as a reliable partner, offering our expertise and communication skills to assist the development and the economic well being of this valuable segment. Offering an association that manages and develops the network of the international Outdoor industries creates unique opportunities, with a true potential to shape the future of the business. We are convinced that it is of vital importance to bring together the key players to discuss market-specific issues – not only at the usual annual trade show gatherings like ISPO, which will undisputedly remain one of the most important networking platforms, but also at industry events like the European Outdoor Forum. Being long term Outdoor specialists ourselves, we feel fortunate to be part of this important initiative."

Markus Hefter, Exhibition Group Director ISPO.


Thanks to all the following partners for the coordination, the technical setup and the transport:


Lunch partners

SGI Europe - The Compass

EDM Publications stands for European Decision Maker Publications. It is an exclusive and international business information service that is not supported by advertising but by subscriptions and book purchases. Intended for company executives with an international vision and with little time at their disposal, it provides comprehensive, exclusive, concise and non-promotional information, going beyond press releases to report what the reader wants to know, rather than what a company wants the market to know.

EDM Publications produces four periodical business newsletters as well as market research reports focusing on the European sporting goods and outdoor market. While the company is based in France, all its publications are in English. The main periodical is the European edition of Sporting Goods Intelligence, or SGI Europe, which is 22 years old and very well established in the market. Two younger newsletters are Shoe Intelligence, which covers the non-athletic footwear market, and EyeWear Intelligence. The newest offspring is The Outdoor Industry Compass. launched four years ago, it complements SGI Europe with exclusive or more detailed information on the outdoor market, focusing on companies operating in any European countries.

EDM Publications is publishing a brand new research report on the outdoor markets in the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway + Iceland, Denmark, Finland). Click here for more information.

Gift partners

ykk YKK


‘Because you are unique we are creative’ a slogan to which YKK has committed itself, in relation to the outdoor industry. Outdoor people are inventive by nature. Every industry has passionate people, but the outdoor industry is on a level of it's own in many ways. Whether it is the continuous innovation in materials, technology and design or whether it is regarding new fashion trends, the outdoor industry is the benchmark. As the world's leading fastening supplier, YKK is proud to be part of that. YKK Little Parts. Big Difference.®


woodstock-logo-july2012 Wood Stock Creation, Eco Design


We are creative craftsmen and eco-designers for furnitures, lights, and decorative objects made out of salvaged materials, drift wood, or other kinds of scraps. Our activity is local from Haute Savoie, we’re socially responsible and organically radical. Every up-cycling project is custom-made, every eco-design is unique.
We strive by renting and selling our furniture in order to encourage individuals and companies alike to reduce their daily carbon footprint.
We offer three product lines according to seasonal materials: Free Ski (old skis), Drift Wood (recover), and Urban Scraps.

To summarize, we design regenerative projects for salvaged material at every possible stageof products life cycles. We gather life forces to foster an “eco-system industry” at the service of well being. Your waste is our resources, regenerate !

The Wood Stock Creation eco-system is multi-branched:

- Eco-laborate : we involve our sincerity developing an industry where competition is taken over by exchange, where individualism is whiped out by Eco-laboration.

- Eco-Reconstruction:
Reconstruct used pieces of furniture and transform them as you wish.
Extend materials’ life beyond given form or shape
Fit out work spaces, houses, showrooms, or venues and develop scenography according to your vision of design.

- Eco-Events
Create custom mobil booth and rent eco-furnitures for events.
Re-use communication tools and materials (kakemonos...) into furnitures, promotional objects and scénography.

Supporting partners


Outdoor Show


Friedrichshafen is the hotspot of the outdoor  world. Technology overload,  urbanisation and a desire to return to basic values mean that an ever  increasing number of people yearn to escape to the countryside and  experience the great outdoors. How can an entire industry benefit from  this trend? The world's leading trade fair, OutDoor, provides the  answers every on July in Friedrichshafen. The event attracts more than  900 exhibitors from 40 countries to Lake Constance to unveil the latest  product developments to the outdoor community and map out future trends.

This major business  get-together enjoys growing popularity among a large number of market  players from Asia and America who see visiting the OutDoor as a  highlight of their annual calendar of events. International companies  representing over 1,000 brands premiering newly developed products – in  most cases exclusively at OutDoor. Nearly all members of the European  Outdoor Group (EOG) are present at Friedrichshafen. "OutDoor is the  world's leading outdoor trade fair and we have every reason to be proud  of it" says EOG President David Udberg in the run-up to the 19th  edition of the trade fair.



Outdoor Industry Association

OIA Rendezvous is the largest annual educational conference for outdoor industry executives in North America. Considered the must-attend gathering place for the outdoor industry, OIA Rendezvous will:
· Feature globally-recognized experts addressing industry-wide issues;
· Deepen your understanding of emerging trends and issues that will directly impact North American outdoor businesses;
· Explore innovation, business tools and practical ideas businesses can adopt right away; and,
· Create opportunities to network with industry colleagues during workshops and a local community service project.

OIA Rendezvous 2011 focuses on innovation. Discovering new products and customer connections is a source of outdoor industry pride and some of the best and brightest will be part of the OIA Rendezvous program this year. We’ll also be pulling in top boundary-breaking experts from other influential industries that consider innovation part of their core values, much like the outdoor industry.
Attendees of  the European outdoor forum who also attend the Rendevous, can do so for the  discounted price of $645.
International attendees registering for OIA Rendezvous will need to download the registration forms from  and submit registration via fax or email, not through the online registration process, in order to take advantage of the package discount.





ERAI, created in 1987 at the initiative of the Rhone-Alpes regional council is the region’s spearhead for international economic development and the reinforcement of the attractiveness of Rhone-Alpes.  As a one of the major public economic agency, we have 28 locations in 23 countries dedicated to help our clients in our 5 fields of expertise:

· Cluster a worldwide network mobilized to internationalize the competitiveness clusters in Rhone-Alpes

· Invest personalized solutions for foreign investors into Rhône-Alpes

· Export customized solutions to accompany companies in their export development

· International financing services to identify the best solutions about financing, international public tenders and European programs.

· Cooperation & international relations a broad field of actions serving all the players in the economy to reinforce the influence of Rhone-Alpes internationally

ERAI is known to be involved in outdoor sector in each of these fields. For instance, during the Exposition of Shanghai, in the Rhône-Alpes Pavilion, two entire weeks were dedicated to sport and mountain thematic, including 2 days exclusively devoted to outdoor market.

Contacts: Audrey Fassora – Communication and event project manager - Tel: +33(0)426 733 363 -

National association partners

logo iog positivo lowres

Italian Outdoor Group

IOG (Italian Outdoor Group) is an association that represents some of the the leading Italian companies in manufacturing, importation and distribution of clothing, footwear and equipment for outdoors and mountain sports.

IOG promotes and sponsors several initiatives in collaboration with national and international organizations in order to increase the interest in outdoor activities of the Italian public. In particular IOG starts up projects and studies to improve technical, economic and cultural aspects of production and distribution of Italian products; to manage market research; to support members with training and insights and finally to promote events for the public and the trade.

IOG study, promote and sustain initiatives to support the diffusion of the outdoors in Italy and that can produce positive effect for producers and distributors of outdoor products. Other aims include achieving economic advantages for its members through agreements with media and trade shows. Moreover IOG fosters collaboration among associates sharing data, experiences and synergies.




Fachgruppe Outdoor

The FGO – Fachgruppe Outdoor – represents the German Outdoor Industry´sperspectivewithin the Association of the German Sporting Goods Industry (BSI). The members are 34 leading German Outdoor manufacturers and importers such as Deuter, Lowa, Meindl, Leki, Tatonka and Vaude.
Apart from promoting the industry interests the FGO´smain objective is to actively contribute to a sustainable environmental protection and to maintain a healthy natural heritage for future generations.

Currently the prevailing issues are trading subjects like the cooperation with retailers and buying groups as well as CSR-topics such as environmental protection, social working standards and animal welfare. Moreover the group strives to provide information on all kind of national and international legal and economic developments, relevant for the German Outdoor industry.

The German Outdoor market is quite dynamic and fast growing, generating currently an annual total turnover of approx. 1,8 billion Euro.




Outdoor Industries Association UK

The Outdoor Industries Association (OIA) is the trade body for manufacturers, retailers and other organisations that provide products and services for the outdoor leisure pursuits market in the United Kingdom.  Our role is to provide leadership and proactively promote the outdoors, persuasively representing the industry's interests in all activities and at every level and be a high profile, campaigning organisation.

“The whole of the UK outdoor industries are valued at close to £5bn.  As a neutral voice representing those industries the OIA cab be far more effective at lobbying and influencing government and media than any individual, no matter how big.“ Andrew Denton, CEO of the OIA

Contact: Terry Stephenson
+44 1539 445 558



Afydad - Spanish Sport Industry Association

AFYDAD is the Spanish trade association that represents the different sectors within the sports industry. The association is a professional, non-profit entity, focused on all types of companies in the industry: manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers dedicated to all sports, play equipment and apparel.



Outdoor Media partners

OUTDOOR_magazineOutdoor Magazine

Outdoor magazine is the Italian business to business periodical for companies, distributors, specialised and non shops, chains, schools, clubs, associations, pr offices in the outdoor sector, 5000 copies of the magazine are sent by free postal subscription and additional copies are distributed at all the main fairs of the outdoor sector, both in Italy and abroad including Ispo (Munich), OutDoor (Friedrichshafen), Outdoor Retailer (Salt Lake City), SIA (Denver), Bread & Butter (Berlino), Pitti (Florence), ProWinter (Bozen), Skipass (Modena)readership is approx 50,000 and eleven issues are produced each year.



From its launch sixteen years ago, Outdoori quickly established its unique position as the outdoor industry’s leading source of quality market intelligence, news, surveys and statistics. It is a role that adds crucial dimensions to effective business planning.

Published 30+ times a year, Outdoori team members are all experts in their respective fields bringing wide practical experience to information, insight and analysis. "


Outdoor_Data_logoOutdoordata is an information service constantly updated covering the european outdoor market. As a complement of the hot news, offers a global presentation of 110 brands and of its main economic and marketing facts.



"Our goal at outkomm is not just to do our job better than our competition, but to do it with an innovative twist. Our focus is on what we love and what we want: communications services for outdoor and mountain sports topics, markets and products!

We are all committed to mountaineering and outdoor sports as well as the ultimate melding of text and imaging to capture that passion. Each of us is or has been a journalist; therefore we believe we understand the growing needs of the industry. This combination of backgrounds has been well received and we feel it gives us the common ground to make our clients feel comfortable coming to us for advice and communications services. Nothing done at all costs and a clear separation between advertising and editing!

In addition to professional integrity, we place great value on an open and honest relationship, both within the outkomm Team and with our collaboration with clients and media representatives. Our actions and our projects must meet our expectations of social and ecological responsibility. We not only seek a sustainable balance with Mother Earth, but also a healthy work-life balance. In the end, we too want to live what we love…"


OutdoorExp_LogoOutdoor Experts

Recognized since 2002 as one of the major outdoor industry publications in France for key opinion leaders and decision makers, Outdoor Experts, both newsletter and magazine, provides an outlook across all aspects of the outdoor sports industry: key market trends, tourism strategies, equipment manufacturer news, event organizing, and changes in how people play in the outdoors.



Outdoor.markt is Germany's only Trade Publication which solely focusses on the Outdoor Industry. For 4 years, the magazine provides retailers with News and in-depth analysis regarding companys, their people, the different market segments and fellow retailers. It is distributed in Austria and Switzerland as well and published 10 times a year by Jahr Top Special Verlag from Hamburg.


OUSALogo-PRINT-Above1inOutdoor USA 




SGI Europe - The Compass

EDM Publications stands for European Decision Maker Publications. It is an exclusive and international business information service that is not supported by advertising but by subscriptions and book purchases. Intended for company executives with an international vision and with little time at their disposal, it provides comprehensive, exclusive, concise and non-promotional information, going beyond press releases to report what the reader wants to know, rather than what a company wants the market to know.

EDM Publications produces four periodical business newsletters as well as market research reports focusing on the European sporting goods and outdoor market. While the company is based in France, all its publications are in English. The main periodical is the European edition of Sporting Goods Intelligence, or SGI Europe, which is 22 years old and very well established in the market. Two younger newsletters are Shoe Intelligence, which covers the non-athletic footwear market, and EyeWear Intelligence. The newest offspring is The Outdoor Industry Compass. launched four years ago, it complements SGI Europe with exclusive or more detailed information on the outdoor market, focusing on companies operating in any European countries.

EDM Publications is publishing a brand new research report on the outdoor markets in the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway + Iceland, Denmark, Finland). Click here for more information.

Sports Media partners

LOG_DIFF_New_Pant_1805Diffusion Sport

Diffusion Sport is the oldest sporting goods trade magazine in Spanish market. Since 1982, it has been a leading source of information for the sporting goods industry and its distributors. Diffusion Sport magazines have maintained the markets confidence because of their the respectful and rigorous contents,that helps the sporting goods market achieve its goals.


SportB_blueblackSport Business

SportBusiness Group has established its reputation as the 'leading voice' for the international sport business community. Our publishing, information services and events divisions now support some of the most influential figures from sporting federations, governing bodies and key rights holders to leading sponsors, broadcasters and sport marketing companies. For business-to-business marketers, our advertiser, sponsor and partner programmes offer unparalleled access to executives across the range of sports-related organisations - electronically, in print, and person-to-person.


sports_fachandel_logo_weisserrand_2010Sport FACHHANDEL

SportFACHHANDEL is a leading trade publication for the sporting goods trade covering the sports retail business in the German-speaking countries. SFH was launched by the Brinkmann Henrich Media Group in 2009 which puts out leading special interest magazines such as SkiMAGAZIN, SkiEXKLUSIV, SNOW, nordic sports and wanderlust which are all publications of reference in the German-speaking region for sportive activities in the fields of snow sports and outdoor. SFH is edited by Reinhard "Schimmi" Schymura, a long-time member of the German trade press corps who has been covering the local sports goods scene for more than 22 years. The publication is directed by Thomas Brinkmann and Peter Henrich and comes out 27 times a year with special daily editions for the ISPO and OutDoor shows. The latter appear both in German and English whilst the regular issues appear only in German language.

If you are interested in sponsoring the 2012 European Outdoor Forum please contact us at: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir.