Eugenio Di Maria


Founder and CEO EDM Publications

Topic: Retail Panel - Multisport Stores: how does outdoor perform?



This year has seen a continuation of market uncertainty, but with a shift in concerns towards how the future of the Euro will affect demand across Europe. To survive and prosper in the ever-changing market, outdoor brands are continually developing new strategies in all aspects of their businesses. With additional sales harder to come by it is important to look at how other sports are performing in these challenging times. The panel, made up of some of Europe’s top multisport retailers, has been assembled to discuss the retail environment in their sector. The panel will look at how outdoor brands are performing relative to brands from other sports categories, as well as how outdoor brands can render themselves more attractive to multisport retailers.

The retail panel will be led by Eugenio Di Maria, founder and CEO of EDM Publications, publishers of SGI Europe and The Outdoor Industry Compass. Panelists will include Tomas Främberg, Vice Buying Director of Stadium, Massimo Zuin, Category Manager for Outdoor, Bike and Ski at Sportland, and Willy Beyeler, Head of Brand Management at IIC-Intersport International Corp.



Eugenio entered the publishing business at an early age launching a magazine as a boy scout at 16 to collect money for his group’s activities. Obtained a Master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University, New York (1974) and practiced journalism at The New York Times and The Associated Press for 5 years in Rome and New York (1970-75). Moved on to and spent 13 years specialising as a business reporter for Fairchild Publications (Sportstyle, Women’s Wear Daily, Footwear News etc.) both in Toronto, Canada and Paris, France. In 1990 Eugenio founded European Decision Maker Publications and has since built the business into one of Europes leading sports information providers. EDM is the publisher of Sporting Goods Intelligence Europe, The Outdoor Industry Compass, Shoe Intelligence and EyeWear Intelligence newsletters and has an extensive market research operation. Has lived and worked in Italy (25 years), North America (6 years) and France (34 years), speaks and writes in English, French and Italian and enjoys hiking, rowing, cycling and swimming.

EDM Publications stands for European Decision Maker Publications. It is an exclusive and international business information service that is not supported by advertising – only by subscriptions and book purchases. Intended for company executives with an international vision and with little time at their disposal, it provides comprehensive, exclusive, concise and non-promotional information, going beyond press releases to report what the reader wants to know, rather than what a company wants the market to know. EDM Publications produces four periodical business newsletters as well as market research reports focusing on the European sporting goods market and its various segments. While the company is based in France, all its publications are in English. They provide The main periodical is the European edition of Sporting Goods Intelligence, or SGI Europe, which is 21 years old and very well established in the market. Two younger newsletters are Shoe Intelligence, which covers the non-athletic footwear market, and EyeWear Intelligence. The youngest offspring is The Outdoor Industry Compass. Born two years ago, it complements SGI Europe with exclusive or more detailed information on the outdoor market, focusing on companies operating in any European countries. Another major complement of SGI Europe is a series of detailed reports on the sporting goods market in 45 different European countries, based on primary research and on interviews with thousands of executives at all stages of the supply chain.

Eugenio Di Maria has presented at many conferences on the sporting goods market and on international publishing, in locations such as Paris, Milan, Munich, Moscow and Eindhoven.

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