John Jansen

john-websitePresident of EOCA, Managing Director and Head of Keen EMEA

Topic: EOCA, there for us all!



Who or what is EOCA? Do you know what it does and how it is helping the outdoor industry to stand up to its responsibilities to look after the wild places it professes to love and value so much?  This charity, all of whose members are outdoor industry brands, retailers, agencies, media and other companies, is going from strength to strength as the industry recognises the role it has to play in looking after the natural environment it depends on for its livelihood.  Hear some of the incredible successes EOCA has achieved in such a short time of being, not least the overwhelming support and interest from the outdoor consumer – and its plans for the future.


John has worked in the sporting goods industry for over 25 years, including two years as Vice President Commerce Europe for O’Neill Europe, three years as Equipment Business Director for Nike Northern Europe and prior to that he spent ten years at Nike in a variety of roles. For the last three years John has been the Managing Director and Head of Keen EMEA and recently he was appointed President of EOCA. John became involved in EOCA due to his strong belief that in order for change to happen, all of us need to get hands on. Many people understand what conservation is and that it will become a more important topic in the future of our planet.  However it's the personal commitment to the challenge that makes the difference.  This is where he feels the outdoor industry, including himself, needs to take more ownership and try to involve more consumers in taking care. The more consumers join the team the bigger the impact will be!
At KEEN John has introduced work methods to help protect the environment including re-usage of materials and all components in the supply chain. They also motivate people to join clean up sessions in the mountains by supporting projects like “Respect the mountains”.  
A mountain man, John is passionate about the great outdoors especially running and skiing and his perfect day is being high in the mountains with his family, enjoying the view, powder snow, the silence and then a fantastic downhill run!

The European Outdoor Conservation Association is an initiative from the European outdoor industry with the objective of funding practical, on-the-ground conservation projects to protect the wild areas it cares so passionately about.
Designed to harness the incredible power of the outdoor industry and to raise money to donate to grassroots conservation groups, the European Outdoor Conservation Association is funded by membership and other fundraising activities within the outdoor industry. 100% of membership fees go to the support of projects. Membership is open to anyone that can demonstrate an involvement in the outdoor industry.

In the six years since its inception, over 70 brands, manufacturers, retailers and dealers stretching from Norway to India and from Spain across to the Czech Republic have become members of the association. EOCA has funded 46 projects in 27 different countries, to the tune of €1,100,000 showing that, all working together, the European outdoor industry can really make a difference.  Not only this, but the public are becoming increasingly aware of the association and its members.  In Spring 2012, during the public vote for projects, EOCA put its members in front of over 4 million customers, had 100,000 unique visits to its website and over 55,000 votes for its conservation projects.

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