PJ Verhoef


Founder EMEA chapter, advisory board member, The Location Based Marketing Association

Topic: Locator Marketing, the addition of location to consumer targeting



If you follow the various Web 2.0 blogs, like Mashable and TechCrunch, you can’t escape the hype around location based (mobile) marketing. It’s a lot harder to find a consistent description of what it is exactly and why a brand, retailer or agency should get involved. A fast-growing segment of mobile consumers is eager to share personal location in order to get some form of benefit. Location enabled social apps are rapidly becoming popular around the world, and especially so in Europe. For businesses, the location marketing “game” is just starting. So it’s still exciting and sometimes frightening to be doing anything in this space. Experiments are in order, but need to be controllable from both a cost- as well as impact perspective.

Retail is moving from the main street to “anywhere the mobile internet moves” and the physical store is being integrated in online marketing campaigns. Online retail is moving offline and vice versa. In an overview of technologies, case studies and market developments, this session will get you practical information on implementing location marketing into your brand campaign.



Before his current role as director, focused on international IT channel marketing, PJ was on a 2 year sabbatical after selling his interests in a number of his ventures. Before that, he was managing partner at Qurus Management Consulting and co-founder and Director of Asentus Europe, a pan-European marketing agency. He was also founder and owner of MarketPoint, an IT consultancy specialized with implementing Marketing Intelligence, Sales-, and CRM Systems. He started in international business as a business unit manager at Eurocartography a digital mapping production and publishing company, selling to the IT and online publishing market.
Throughout his career, Mr. Verhoef has built companies from existing or new business, always in an international environment. He has held consultancy positions, advising management of publicly held companies such as Microsoft, Yamaha Motor Europe, Royal Dutch Shell, KPN Telecom, and ABN Amro Bank.

PJ graduated at Nijenrode business school and also holds an MA in Cultural Anthropology (specializing in organizational development).

PJ recently set up the EMEA chapter of the LBMA.
His interests include history, sociology, anthropology, technology, spirituality and marathon running.

The Location Based Marketing Association
The LBMA is an international group dedicated to the fostering of a community of interest around all avenues of location-specific advertising and marketing. Members of the LBMA include retailers, agencies, advertisers, media buyers, software and services providers, and wireless companies. The goal is simple to educate, share best practices, establish guidelines for growth and to promote the services of member companies to brands and other content-related providers. LBMA currently has operations in North America based in Toronto, New York and San Francisco, Europe based in Amsterdam and London, Asia Pacific based in Singapore City and Latin America based in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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