Heng Zhang


Founder and CEO Sanfo

Topic: Panel Debate, the future of retail

Wednesday, October 12th - 10.00-12.00am


Mr. Zhang Heng was born in 1970. After a university career, completing an undergraduate degree in Environmental Sciences at the prestigious University of Beijing and then an MBA at the University of Tsinghua (Shanghai), he created, in May 1997, one of the first outdoor sports retail companies in China, Sanfo Outdoors. Ahead of his time, Mr. Zhang Heng believed from the start in the outdoor sports market's potential. Shortly after, in 1998, he launched the Sanfo Outdoor Club, whose goal is to promote and increase the popularity of outdoor sports in China by organizing activities and events.

 Today, Mr. Zhang Heng is in charge of the largest outdoor sports retailer in China as well as a club with 100,000 active members. Sanfo Outdoors is a success story with revenues exceeding 100 million yuan per year (10.5 million euros). The company is booming, with a 40% anual growth rate (75% of this growth is generated by foreign brands).

The chain employs 400 people, with an extensive network of 28 stores, ranging from 300 m² to 1000 m² in size, located in 8 cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Changchun et Qingdao). The idea behind his company is to provide long-lasting, comfortable, high-quality products. For this, Sanfo Outdoors offers its clients a panel of more than 200 name brands (Arcteryx, Kailas, Columbia, Toread, The North Face, Lowa, Vaude, Osprey, Camp, petzl, MSR, Beal). www.sanfo.com

Mr. Zhang Heng is convinced that China will become the largest outdoor sports market of the future, and plans to give a presentation in English on the history and evolution of the Chinese outdoor sports industry.

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