Douglas Kent

Douglas_Kent-1Supply Chain Council

Topic: Supply Chain Management, planning ahead

Tuesday, October 11th - 1.40-2.40pm 


What will the future supply chain look like? What impact will the changes in Asia have to your supply chain? What level of risk/ exposure does your company have and which of these should be mitigated? These questions and more will be answered in this presentation by Douglas Kent. The increased complexity, globalization, and outsourcing across the outdoor sector has subsequently also increased the potential for supply chain disruptions. The financial community is also less tolerant and more acutely aware of supply chain risk and the potential impact on business operations as well as valuation. This session examines the responses from hundreds of global companies to a recent supply chain survey and unveils the kinds of risks concerning most companies and their level of exposure and the impacts this may have on China and other Asian countries’ ability to continue as suppliers to Europe.


Douglas Kent currently serves as the President of eKNOWtion, a global supply chain consultancy he founded in 2002, Chief Strategist and Director of InForum and is the appointed European Director of the Supply Chain Council. An MBA graduate, he later studied at Harvard University during his post-graduate years. He has over 25 years of experience focused in the development, marketing and deployment of tailored supply chain solutions. Douglas’s extensive international experience includes projects in Austria, Cameroon, China, Egypt, Finland, France, German, Poland, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, U.A.E, UK, and USA. The Supply Chain Council (SCC) is a global nonprofit organization whose framework, improvement methodology, training, certification and benchmarking tools help member organizations make dramatic, rapid, and sustainable improvements in supply chain performance.

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